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Microsoft Office Lens


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Scan your physical documents to PDF using your smart phone

Microsoft Office Lens is a free application you can use on your smart phone to scan physical documents and turn them into PDFs.You have the option to save the scanned documents on to your phone or log into your WITC Office 365 account and save your documents to OneDrive for easy access from any computer.

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  • Start by downloading and installing the Microsoft Office Lens mobile application onto your smart phone


screenshot of office lens




  • Place your document on a flat surface
  • Open the Office Lens application
  • Hold your smart phone over your document
  • When the orange lines surround your document, click on the white circle


office lens screenshot




  • Office Lens will enhance the writing on your document and remove any background image behind it
  • You can manually adjust the image using the tools above the image
  • To save your document as a PDF, click on the orange "Done" button


office lens screenshot




  • Change the title of your document
  • Put a check-mark in the section for saving your document as a PDF
  • By default, Office Lens will save your document to your phone by clicking the orange "Save" button
  • Optional -- You can click on the icon in the top right to log into your WITC Office 365 account which allows you to save your documents to your OneDrive.  Login using your (


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