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21st Century Information Literacy Skills

In today’s Information Age, successful students and workers need to know how to :

  • Define their information needs
  • Locate sources and find information within those sources
  • Evaluate information sources for currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and purpose
  • Select the best information sources
  • Use and cite relevant information from those sources
  • Organize and present information from a variety of sources

The LRC can help you achieve success in these 21st Century research skills:

  • Narrowing your topic
  • Identifying keywords
  • Selecting appropriate information sources
  • Searching and using the library catalog
  • Using interlibrary loan
  • Searching and using databases to find peer-reviewed, scholarly articles
  • Navigating the internet and evaluating websites
  • Understanding what is plagiarism and how do I avoid doing it?
  • Citing your sources with APA 
  • Evaluating online resources with the CRAAP Test

For more information on any of these topics, or to schedule information literacy instructional sessions in your classroom, contact your LRC.

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